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European Union - EU ACC3 programme.


Airlines are required under EU law to protect the consignments they fly against acts of Terrorism. Under the ACC3 programme Airlines must ensure appropriate security measures for all cargo or mail they fly from a country outside the EU into the EU.



ACC3 Requirements


If you are an Airline operator and fly cargo or mail into the EU including transfer or transit cargo you must be ACC3 approved. To become part of the EU ACC3 programme you will need to appoint an approved EU aviation security validator to validate your cargo and mail operations.


The validation exercise includes an examination of your security programme and an on-site verification of the implementation of security measures. Security Manual and relevant documents should be provided to the EU Aviation Security Independent Validator in advance to ensure to ensure the documentation is validated prior to observing the implementation of the process.





RA3 and KC3 Validations


A basic principle of the regulation security requirement, all cargo or mail must be screened or originate from a secure supply chain prior be loaded onto an aircraft and carried into the European Union. If you are a Ground handling Agent operating a cargo facility, screening, and securing cargo, including ramp handling and loading, a successful validation grants you 'Third country regulated agent' (RA3) status, depending on your operations

If the ACC3 validated carrier wishes to have the security controls applied by a business partner such as known consignors, regulated agents or ground handlers at non-EU airports, these entities must undergo an independent validation, either as part of the airlines accreditation or in their own right as RA3 or KC3.



For further information or assistance please contact

Ivor Llewellyn EU Independent Validator


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EU Certified ACC3 Independent Validator

Certified UK Civil Aviation Authority Trainer

Tel + 44(0) 7768 274858



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